hair product ingredients dictionary

Does this scenario sound familiar?

You're in your favorite pharmacy chain or online beauty store trying to decide what the next product purchase will be. You glance at the product label but once again realize you have no idea how to pronounce the ingredients listed never mind understand what they might do for your hair. THERE HAS TO BE A BETTER WAY...

Stop guessing what your hair likes.

Take the guesswork out of hair product purchases. Learn what really does and doesn't work for YOUR curls with's digital Product Ingredient Dictionary. It lists the most popular ingredients found in synthetic and natural based hair products. Each ingredient's purpose and hazard rating are also included. Use the Product Log Sheets to track what does and doesn't work for your hair!

Who needs this eBook?

Curly haired women looking to make more informed hair product purchases; new naturals trying to learn what works on their hair; and naturals whose hair is sensitive to certain product ingredients. Receive LIFETIME UPDATES once purchased!


What's inside the eBook? 5 chapters, 21 sections and 100+ pages of product ingredient information & tips to help you make better on-the-go product purchasing decisions for YOUR curls.


Chapter 1 - Do You Know Your Curls?
1. Understand Your Curl Pattern
2. Porosity, Density & Volume: All 3 Impact How Your Hair Responds To Products
3. Common Reasons for Hair Breakage and How Products Can Help

Chapter 2 - All-Natural Products, "No-Go" Ingredients, & Allergens
4. Are All-Natural Products Really "Natural"?
5. "No-Go" Ingredients: The Truth About Sulfates, Silicones, Parabens and Alcohols
6. Allergens In Hair Products

Chapter 3 - How To Read Product Labels
7. The Regulation Of Hair Products In The U.S.
8. How To Read Product Labels
9. How To Understand Our Product Ingredient Dictionary

Chapter 4 - Product Ingredient Dictionary
10. Shampoos
11. Cowashes
12. Rinse-Out Conditioners
13. Leave-In Conditioners
14. Deep Treatments
15. Gels
16. Butters
17. Styling Creams
18. Heat Protectants
19. Oil Blends

Chapter 5 - Product Log Sheets
20. How To Record The Products You Buy and Use
21. Product Log Sheets - Track How Your Hair Responds To Products


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What people are saying about the eBook!

know thy curls the ultimate product ingredient dictionary
"I have twin girls and each one has completely different curls! This eBook helped me understand why some products work on both of their hair while other types, like leave-in conditioners, need to be tailored to their specific curl texture." -ANGIE, BETHESDA, MD
know thy curls the ultimate product ingredient dictionary
"As a new natural I struggle to find products that work on my hair and the cost adds up. I've started applying these techniques to see if I can improve my regimen and track what ingredients and products really work for my hair. So far so good!" -CASEY, LONDON, UK
hair product ingredients dictionary
"I wear my curly hair straight most of the time so it's really important for me to keep my hair healthy & damage-free. The layout of this eBook is easy to follow and I especially love the section on Heat Protectants as I spend so much money on them!" -KITIYA, WASHINGTON, DC

About the author

My natural hair journey started over 10 years ago. Waaaay back in 2004 there wasn’t the wealth of resources on the internet that there is today. A sista had to put on her detective hat to find the “truth”.

Nowadays the problem has reversed. There’s lots of information out there but how do you know where to start? Or more importantly, what’s credible? I created to help naturally curly women find the advice, products and salons they need from one reliable source.

Know Thy Curls: The Ultimate Product Ingredient Dictionary for YOUR Curls is an extension of my original mission. I haven't seen anything like this out there so I can't wait to hear how our digital Product Ingredient Dictionary helps you understand your naturally curly hair!

- Sylvia ([email protected])


How did you compile
all the product data?
I researched 250+ products from the most popular curly hair brands on the market. Ingredient information is sourced from recognized cosmetic leaders & governing bodies. Plus, I review dozens of products a month for I've experienced many products first-hand!
But I wear my hair straight, can the eBook still help?Absolutely! Although I focused on popular brands marketed to women who wear their hair curly, many of the ingredients listed can be found in all kinds of hair products, for example shampoos. Check out the free sample chapter by signing up to the email list above.
Do I receive lifetime
updates of the eBook?
Yes! Once you purchase the eBook you'll receive lifetime updates. This means as I update information and republish the eBook you automatically receive the updated version in your inbox. Updates include updated chapters, product types and additions to the product log sheets.
Do you make specific
product recommendations?
No. In the eBook I wanted to focus purely on the most popular ingredients found in various product types (shampoos, cowashes, conditioners, heat protectants etc). Future packages will include specific product and brand recommendations.

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know thy curls the ultimate product ingredient dictionary

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